FIHRM Oslo 2022

Government, community, autonomy

We welcome FIHRM associates and colleagues from the entire international museum community to Oslo, Norway 19–21 September 2022

This year’s main conference for The Federation of International Human Rights Museums will be all about re-connecting people, making new professional acquaintances, and bringing people together, to learn, to encourage and to strengthen the work that is done by human rights museums worldwide. Please save the dates, plan your visit, and join us here in Oslo to discuss some of the most pressing matters for human rights museums today.

Find latest programme updates & registration here:

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Conference topics 2022

The conference aims to critically discuss the relative autonomy and margins of action for Human Rights museums and related organisations, an urgent topic for museums in several countries today. What types of relations exists between museums, governments, and other power holders? How do such dependencies shape the role of museums and their engagement with subjects considered to be sensitive or controversial?

The conference further aims to map the current situation for museums dealing with human rights worldwide that address social, cultural, and political inclusivity/exclusion from different angles. The conference especially welcomes submissions with best practice examples where the goal is to address and negotiate inclusivity, within the museum space and/or in society in general. What approaches or strategies for inclusion have proven to be especially relevant for human rights museums?

The objective for all FIRHM conferences is to share experiences of participatory practices, developments of competences and methods, and community-based relationship building.


The 2022 FIHRM conference is organized by the Norwegian museum network for democracy and human rights (Demokratinettverket). Host museums are The Nobel Peace Center, The Norwegian Centre for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities, and Eidsvoll 1814, the National Museum for Constitutional History.


In 2010 National Museums Liverpool’s International Slavery Museum coordinated the establishment of a new international museum initiative called the Federation of International Human Rights Museums (FIHRM).

FIHRM encourages museums which engage with sensitive and controversial human rights themes, such as transatlantic slavery, the Holocaust and other instances of genocide, and the plight of many indigenous peoples, to work together and share new thinking and initiatives in a supportive environment. Read more about FIHRM here.

FIHRM Oslo 2022 – essential information

The FIHRM conference will be held over three days in three Oslo locations. A detailed conference programme will be published soon.

How to participate

It’s simple. Come to Oslo and take part! Registration will open from July 2022 and a digital registration form for in person attendance can be found at this webpage: Programme FIHRM 2022.

If you wish to have a case presentation at the conference there is an open call out now, with extended deadline August 1st. Read more about the open call here: Call for papers Fihrm Oslo 2022 .

This year, parts of the main conference program will be organized as hybrid events, making it possible to join digitally from anywhere in the world. More information on this will be published in due time on

Programme layout

An opening session with great keynotes and a special panel discussion will take place at the museum Eidsvoll 1814, from noon on Monday 19 September.

On 20 September the first full conference day will be at The Nobel Peace Center, located on the central Oslo waterfront. Day programme will include plenum sessions, each with a keynote and discussions, as well as inspirational workshops. Evening programme will include a formal reception at nearby Oslo City Hall, scene of the annual Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, followed by a social dinner at a restaurant in the city center.

On 21 September, the conference participants will be invited to the scenic museum island of Bygdøy, a short boat-trip from City Hall. There, the second full day programme will unfold at the Norwegian Centre for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities (the HL-centre) and will give apt opportunities to catch up on current status and learn about groundbreaking projects at human rights museums around the world. The full day program will include parallel sessions, plenary talks and a closing workshop.

For participants who wish to explore more while in Oslo and Norway, there will be a post-programme for 22 September. This includes a museum tour covering some of the main Oslo museums, such as the newly opened Munch Museum and The National Museum. A separate excursion will go to Utøya, where a pioneering educational center for youth has been founded on the island targeted by the 2011 Oslo terror attacks.

Please save the dates 19–22 September. Full programme to be released soon. The latest programme updates can be found here: Programme FIHRM 2022.

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As Norway’s capital city, Oslo can offer a wide array of experiences, as well as a cultural scene that is often mentioned among the most vibrant in Europe. As the Guardian puts it: “Oslo is packed with culture: it has more than 50 art galleries and museums.” Oslo is also home to several national music and theater institutions.

Plan your visit

Upon filling in the digital registration form you will be given the opportunity to book a stay at the official conference hotel for FIHRM 2022. It’s located in central Oslo.

If you travel by air, Oslo Airport has good flight connections to all major European Capitals, and to main airports around the world. Transport while in Oslo is efficient and easy to use.

For more info, please see Oslo’s official travel website

Host Museums

The 2022 FIHRM conference is organized by the Norwegian museum network for democracy and human rights (Demokratinettverket). Host museums are The Nobel Peace Center, The Norwegian Centre for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities, and Eidsvoll 1814, the National Museum for Constitutional History.

The conference is supported by grants from Arts Council Norway / Kulturrådet.

Other questions?

If you have questions about the conference programme, how to participate, the call for papers or any other subject – please contact the conference organizing committee:

Inquiries can also be directed to Eidsvoll 1814 and the network coordinator:

See you in Oslo!